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Unique has no equal. That is what Le Raj is to customers who are overwhelmed by our ever evolving cuisine.

Le Raj is a team, providing unrivalled cuisine to discerning customers. Many of who gallop along to Epsom Downs in increasing numbers to indulge in the rarefied atmosphere of our restaurant, leisurely picking from the myriad of dishes in the menu and savoring the delights of passion cuisine. Our experience and vision that create the ultimate in dining experience have been duly complimented by celebrity support, press coverage and many an international award. Two specialist chefs have joined our team to bring you the best of Bangladeshi and Moghul cuisine.

Quality First

Diners at Le Raj can rest assured that only the highest quality products and genuine brands are served here.
The restaurant has received notification from Surrey County Council's Trading Standards Officers that it fully meets the required standards. Officers arrived incognito and tested Pilau Rice and Chicken Tikka Masala for artificial colouring levels, but none were detected. Drinks from the bar were also checked for authenticity, but again Le Raj was given a clean bill of health by the inspectors, who confirmed that only original, high quality brands of spirits were being dispensed.

Come and share our passion for excellence in cuisine, created with you in mind. Our restaurant is at the cutting edge of the industry. We are ceaselessly raising our standard to meet the desires and aspirations of our customers. Our reputation was very recently enhanced world wide with the announcement that Le Raj had been awarded the prestigious membership of the exclusive La Confrerie de la Chaine des Rostisseurs, the first Indian restaurant in this country to achieve this worldwide honour. Le Raj has been generously contributing to local charities in various ways, including annual charity dinners, for the last 19 years. The total this year surpassed half a million mark with the auction of a table of six at Le Raj for a record £10,000 at Debra Foundation Charity event at Queen Stand, Epsom Downs in November 2006 – a living testimony to the excellence of our cuisine.

Sunday Menu
Our new Sunday menu priced at £14.95 per head offers a wide choice to pick from the variety of Le Raj dishes prepared by our master chefs - please ring for further details. You can book your tables at Le Raj online via our website Please Click Here. We will appreciate if you will please book in advance so our chefs get enough time to prepare dishes according to your individual tastes and truly reflective of the excellence for which we are renowned.
Please call us if you require any further guidance and advice regarding your next visit to the world of Le Raj.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday
12pm - 2.30pm
6pm - 11pm

Le Raj Restaurant 211 Firtree Road Epsom Downs, Surrey, Tel: 01737 371 371 / 064 Fax: 01737211903

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